Camillo Properties Floor Plans

Please note that all floor plans have a left and a right swing. As a best practice we recommend that prospects view the specific property they are interested in.

Floor plan measurements are approximate and are for illustrative purposes only. Floor plans are artists’ renderings and are subject to changes and modifications without notice.

4 Bedroom Floor Plans

Aguilar Floorplan
Chamberlian Floorplan
Darrel Floorplan
Devonhurst Floorplan
Drake Floorplan
Drake II Floorplan
Duffy Floorplan
Lamar Floorplan
Northam Floorplan

3 Bedroom Floor Plans

Blakeford Floorplan
Calean Floorplan
Charlotte Floorplan
Charlotte II Floorplan
Daventry Floorplan
Duffy Floorplan
Duffy II Floorplan
Duffy III Floorplan
Ellington Floorplan
Guardian II Floorplan
Miguel Floorplan
Plan 391 Floorplan
Sullivan Floorplan