Community Guidelines

Moving into a new home and community comes with many questions.  Or maybe you have been a long time resident and have had new questions about your neighborhood appearance and guidelines!  

Below you may find answers to many of your questions.

In accordance with your lease, all vehicles must be parked in the driveway or garage. Vehicles parked at vacant homes are subject to towing at the vehicle owner’s expense. Additionally, no commercial vehicles or recreational vehicles may be stored in the driveway or on the street.

Ensure that your trees, plants, flowers, and shrubs do not cause drainage issues or interfere with a driver’s sight lines. The home’s address block should always remain visible. Shrubs should be no taller than the roofline.  Mulch should be 3” thick, fresh and free of weeds.

Curb Appeal

Keeping front yards attractive is often a subjective standard. In order to comply with neighborhood standards, front yards should appear neat, uncluttered and maintained. Residents are asked to move unused or excessive pots, barbeque pits and personal items to the back yard. Right of way areas on the front and side streets of individual lots are required to be maintained.

Recreational Equipment 

Portable recreational and playground equipment, to include basketball goals, may be placed in front of your residence while in use. They should never cause a traffic or safety hazard due to their location. They may not be located where they would block traffic or visibility on either the streets or the sidewalks. These items should be stored out of sight of the street and sidewalks when not in use. They should not be used after dark or between 8:00 pm and 9:00 am.

Trash Containers
Trash containers should be stored out of sight (garage or backyard), and never in the driveway or common area. Trash containers may be staged for pick up the evening prior to pick up, and must be stowed no later than midnight the day of pick up.  Heavy trash may only be placed curb side the night before the scheduled heavy trash day.

To keep your driveway free from stains such as oil, we recommend for the resident to routinely clean the driveway. This helps prevent damage and maintains the aesthetics of the home and neighborhood. If power washing is needed for the driveway of your home, use a residential pressure washer. Be sure to sweep all of your surfaces, including driveways and sidewalks, before using a pressure washer. 

Holiday Decorations
Remove holiday decorations within a reasonable amount of time (no more than 14 days after holiday). Be aware of this regulation while decorating for the holidays, and plan ahead by preparing for storage. 

Animal Etiquette
All animals are required to be registered with Camillo Properties.  You can find our animal policy here. As a resident, you must take responsibility for your animals by walking them on a leash and disposing of waste properly. This will help keep your neighborhood safe and clean.

Repair of Exterior Damages

All exterior repairs such as mildew on siding and missing fence pickets from normal wear and tear should be reported to Camillo in the form of a service request.  Any damages caused by resident, such as broken or damaged fence pickets, are to be repaired at resident’s expense.

Satellite Dishes
Satellite dishes are permitted, but they may not be attached to the house or fence. The dish must be mounted on a pole in the backyard, behind the fence, and not visible from outside the fence.