Resident Responsibilities

Camillo Properties takes care of the exterior structure, major plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling, windows, and Camillo appliances in the home. Our residents do share some responsibility with the up-keep and general maintenance as notated in the lease agreement.

Resident Responsibilities images

  • Replace damaged blinds
  • Tighten door knobs
  • Replace lost keys
  • If locked out, call/pay for locksmith services
  • Replace light bulbs, standard size is 60-watt
  • Replace smoke detector batteries, standard size is 9-volt
  • If you have a standard air filter in your house, replace every 30 days
    • Exception: If you do not have a standard filter, you most likely have a media filter and Camillo will replace annually with a maintenance request


  • Unclog minor backups caused by resident debris
  • Replace damaged toilet seats and flush valves


  • If cable lines are installed in additional rooms, bury the lines and secure them to the home
  • Reset breakers
  • Reset GFCI’s


  • Tenants are responsible for setting & controlling their own sprinklers
  • If sprinkler heads are damaged by the resident, repairs must be conducted by a professional service provider


  • Mulch flowerbeds
  • Weed flowerbeds
  • Trim trees and shrubs
  • Remove pet waste
  • Accommodations for pets such as fence alterations (cover/fill gaps) is at the residents’ expense

Pest Control

  • Unless Camillo is notified within 30 days of move-in of services needed, pest control is at the residents’ expense