Frequently Asked Questions

General Inquiries

1. What time do you open and close?
2. Do you offer short-term leases?
3. What should I do if I have a maintenance request?
4. Can I pay the deposit online?
5. Do you allow pets?

Application Qualification & Requirements

1. Do you take Section 8?
2. How do I apply and what is the process?
3. Do I qualify?
4. How long does it take to process my application?
5. How fast can I move in?
6. Will I be getting a refund for my application fee?
7. If I do not meet the income requirements, can I get a co-signor/guarantor?

Viewing a Property

1. How do I schedule an appointment to view a home?
2. What should I do after I view a property?

Property Specifics

1. Are the prices negotiable?
2. What features/services are included in your homes?
3. What utilities am I responsible for?