Emergency Services


If your home is broken into, notify Camillo Properties immediately so the property can be secured. The lock/door will be replaced free-of-charge if a police report is supplied.

Common Emergencies:

An emergency is considered a hazardous or dangerous issue that could endanger the welfare of the resident or damage the property itself if not addressed immediately.  Below is a list of common emergencies:

  • Plumbing leak inside the home causing an area to flood
  • Entire house plumbing stoppage
  • Without power
    • (contact electric provider first to confirm there is not an interrupttion in service)
  • Without potable water
    • (contact your utility provider first to determine there is not an interruption in service)
  • Without heat when the outside temperature is below 50°F
  • Without air conditioning when the outside temperature is above 90°F
  • Strong Smell of gas

*If you use the emergency service for a non-emergency event, you will be charged on your ledger for the services conducted. *

After you have called the emergency service provider, you are still required to submit a maintenance request on the tenant portal to document your service request.